1. HECC Certified Helmet with full cage or shield
  2. Mouthpiece - free ones provided by the Nashville Predators
  3. Hockey elbow pads
  4. Hockey gloves
  5. Hockey shin guards
  6. In-line skates without a brake
  7. Hockey stick

Items 1-5 listed above ARE available to rent from the WCIHL. Please bring a check for $100 to our equipment handout days if you'd like to rent items 1-5 listed above. We will hold your check until the equipment is returned at the end of the season.


Items listed below are recommended but not required to play hockey:

  1. Hockey girdle or hip pads
  2. Hockey shoulder pads and chest pads or padded shirt
  3. In-line hockey pants to cover all lower extremity equipment
  4. Girdle and cup protector

The 4 items listed above are NOT available to rent, but are highly recommended.