About Us

Updated Wednesday March 20, 2019 by WCIHL.

The Warren County Inline Hockey League (WCIHL) is a nonprofit, all volunteer organization which has existed in Bowling Green, KY since 1995. The WCIHL encourages, develops, administers and advances amateur youth hockey in Bowling Green, KY and its surrounding communities.

The WCIHL purpose is to help develop children in the skills of hockey while promoting fair play and good sportsmanship. We will do this by ensuring all children can have the opportunity to play in each and every game. The end goal is to build confidence within the children and promote the development of character, integrity, good sportsmanship and an appreciation for teamwork and its importance.

Our Board of Directors

President - Shawn Rubel
Vice President - Rick Grieve
Secretary - Marsha Stinson
Treasurer - TBD
Head of Referees - TBD
Head of Coaches - Nathan Fielder
Equipment Manager - Keith Philips
Rink Manager - David Hundley
Head of Infractions - TBD
Assistant Equipment Manager - Joey Stinson
Public Relations - Nathan Fielder
Event Planner - TBD

To contact the board, please email board@wcihl.com