WCIHL Guidelines for Parents

Just a few things to keep in mind this season...

Updated Monday March 4, 2019 by WCIHL.

Respect your athlete's coach

During a game, your child should only be listening to instructions from their coaches. Telling your child what to do from the sidelines only undermines the coach’s authority and puts your athlete in a difficult and confusing situation. In addition, if you have a concern with the coach, speak with him/her privately after the practice/game. 


Remember - coaches are volunteers. They have completed training and certification required by the WCIHL and WCPRD. But most importantly, they have chosen to spend their time teaching, coaching, and supporting your athlete in a sport we all love. (If you would like more information on how to become a coach/volunteer, feel free to email board@wcihl.com for more information.)


Be a respectful team parent


Juggling a busy family schedule is no easy task! However, as a parent of an athlete, you are the main source of transportation for your child. Until they can drive themselves to and from games/practices, it is up to you to get them there on time. Please make sure you communicate with your coach and let them know you’re going to be absent/late from practice or a game. If you can’t make it on time, try reaching out to another team parent and arrange for them to pick up your athlete if possible. 


Be your athlete’s cheerleader

Cheer on your athlete on and off the rink by praising the effort and hard work they are putting into the game rather than criticizing them for a missed goal or a turnover. Remember that inline hockey focuses on learning the fundamentals of this sport. Your athlete is still learning and is going to make mistakes. Stay positive and praise them for what they did right and focus on how they are improving.


Be a respectful spectator

Everyone is here to watch their athlete and cheer them on. If your choose to cheer from the stands, please be mindful of those around you and do not stand at the front of the bleachers blocking their view. You may also choose to cheer your team on from the sidelines of the rink. However, please be aware of the team & officials area-- only athletes, coaches, refs, scorekeepers and board members are permitted in this area. These individuals have completed background checks for the WCPRD. The league’s number one priority is the safety of each athlete. 


In addition, smoking/vaping are not allowed within the fenced facility. Dogs (unless they are certified and vested service dogs) are also not allowed. 


Respect the game


Remember - This is not the NHL. It is a recreational inline hockey league in Bowling Green, KY. We understand that you are invested in your child’s sports abilities and want them to win, but WCIHL’s mission is “to help develop children in the skills of hockey while promoting fair play and good sportsmanship.” Let’s work together to promote and show our young athletes the true meaning of teamwork and sportsmanship!